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Measuring for Blinds, Ordering & Installing – Get Tips & Advice Here

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At Vertibelle Creations Inc. in Toronto, we want to make ordering your artistic window blinds simple and easy. That’s why we provide some tips and advice on measuring for blinds, ordering your blinds, and installing blinds with step by step instructions.

How to Measure

When you’re measuring for blinds or any other window treatment, first take a steel measuring tape and measure the window to the nearest eighth of an inch (don’t round). Be sure to indicate which measurements are the width and height. It’s very easy to get the two mixed up. Our blinds are custom made to the sizes you provide us. If these sizes are incorrect, it’s impossible to change the blinds. Just take your time measuring and double check your measurements.


Horizontal Blinds

Inside Mount (IM): Start by measuring the opening width at the top, centre, and bottom of the window. Record the narrowest width. Then measure the height on the left, right, and centre, recording the longest height. When preparing your blinds, we will make width deductions to allow for operating clearance.

Outside Mount (OM): Once again start by measuring the width. If you have room, add at least 3” to each side of the window opening to allow for minimum light gap and maximum privacy. Then measure the opening height for the outside mount, adding a minimum of 2” in height for mounting brackets above the opening. You can also add your desired overlap for the bottom.


Vertical blinds

Vertical Blinds

Inside Mount (IM): Measure the width in the window’s centre, top, and bottom. Remember to record your narrowest width. Move on to measure the height at the centre, left, and right. Record the shortest height. We will allow for operating clearance.

Outside Mount (OM):Measure the opening width, and, if possible, add at least 4” on each side of the window opening for a minimum light gap. Now, measure the opening height and add a minimum of 2 ½” to the height which allows for space of the mounting brackets above the opening. You can add your desired overlap at the bottom.

How to Order

To order artistic window blinds from Vertibelle Creations Inc., please provide the following:

  • The picture of your custom design or one from ouronline gallery that you want to be painted
  • The measurements of your window or door – use our measurement tips above to help you measure
  • The type of material for your blind – we will provide guidance on what will suit your needs

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Note: since each blind is an original piece of artwork, we will try our best to match the colours and the design. However, an absolute identical reproduction of the original cannot be attained. Also, we will adjust the design so it is in proportion to the size of your blind.

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